I want to share one way that you can start working on your mindset right now.

Throughout the course of this week as you head into practice, and you’re training in the gym, I want you to play close attention to your thoughts and your feelings.

When you are getting ready to go for a skill that you’re very confident in (those skills that you could do in your sleep), what’s running through your head? How is your body feeling?

When you’re getting ready to do a skill that you’re nervous about… what are the thoughts that are running through your head? What are you feeling? How are you interpreting those feelings?

Just start taking note of all of these thoughts and feelings as you’re experiencing them.

We have a whole section in the Gymnast Mindset program dedicated to self-knowledge, and it always helps to have a good starting point. It helps when you are aware of what’s going on your head so that we can start addressing any concerns and start offering some solutions.

MINDSET COACHING: Win in Gymnastics & Life ​

GYMNAST MINDSET is not ordinary mental training. We are a gymnastics specific, systematic program designed to help serious gymnasts succeed in & out of the gym.