Every student has a bad day or makes a mistake. Some are small, like missing a question you know on a test or forgetting a homework assignment. Some are big, like skipping class or cheating on an assignment. No matter what the mistake was, it is so important for you to find ways to move on from them. Here are 5 ways you can turn a mistake into a positive learning experience. 

1. Admit the mistake – Often times we have trouble moving on from a mistake because we hide it behind excuses. You can’t move on from a mistake you are hiding. Own it!

2. Forgive yourself – Accept that you are not perfect and the mistake already happened. Remind yourself that you can’t go back in the past and undo it, you can only look to the future. Forgive the mistake and look to the future.

3. Look for red flags – Ask yourself how you let the mistake happen? What led to this mistake? Learn how to spot the red flags that got you into a bad situation. Instead of saying that you need to avoid the mistake, avoid those red flags that even brought up the opportunity for you to make the mistake in the first place.

4. Get accountable – Find friends, parents, teachers, coaches, or other people who are invested in your life. Tell them what your mistake was and what you want to avoid in the future. Let them hold you accountable. Get support for moments when you feel weak and want to repeat the mistake. Mistakes get cut down much quicker with a team in your corner.

5. Set stronger goals – It is much easier to make mistakes if you don’t have a reason NOT to. If you keep falling into the same type of mistake, set a goal that will not be reached if that mistake keeps happening. That way, you remain motivated to forgive yourself of the past mistakes, remain mindful of your red flags, and remain accountable for your actions moving forward. 

Every mistake can either be a barrier that prevents you from having a strong mindset, or a learning experience that actually strengthens your mindset. Make choices that improve your life always!