The 30 Day Body Language Diet


The simplest and quickest way to change the way you feel is to change the way you move. In the moments leading up to Muhammad Ali’s first ever title fight his coach recognized Ali was carrying himself with very poor body language. Ali’s Coach then provided him with the best advice he had ever heard that led to the beginning of one of the best Boxing careers in history. His advice to Ali was to “Act as if it were impossible to fail”.


Just like any good nutrition plan includes specific unhealthy foods to avoid and supplement or replace with healthier food choices. You will want to take a similar approach to your body language diet by avoiding the following unhealthy body languages and supplementing or adding the more positive body languages for the next 30 days.  


Avoid the following:

  1. Looking down, slouching, or dragging your feet
  2. Moaning, groaning, sighing or looking down at your phone during conversations
  3. Spitting, nail biting or picking things from parts of your body
  4. Interrupting others, using vulgar gestures or violating other people’s personal space
  5. Exaggerating your coughs, sneezes or yawns
  6. Appearing fatigued or sitting down during workouts


Supplement the following:

  1. Better posture, keep your head up, pick up your feet and stand up straight
  2. Use open body language during conversations
  3. Jog instead of walk when you have the opportunity
  4. Act more energetic while your working or exercising
  5. Saying “Hello” and smiling to others in passing
  6. Chewing with our mouth closed and putting your phone down during meals


Implementing these simple but effective body languages throughout the next 30 days will result in yourself and others around you acting and feeling more positive.  Both positive and negative energy can be contagious in any atmosphere or culture. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone to break the poor habits and start building new positive habits in your body language.