3 Word Changes To Change Your Life


The words that we use are the first link in the chain to success and can have a massive impact on our lives.  Our words impact our thoughts, our thoughts then impact our behaviors and our behaviors eventually impact our destiny.


Substitute “Problems” with “Challenges”

Problems often are associated with negative thinking and emotions which ultimately lead to lack of action.  Challenges on the other hand can be associated with being excited to accomplish the task and will lead to coming up with creative strategies to overcome the obstacle.


Substitute “Worry” with “Focus”

Being worried is often associated with thinking too much about the future or outcomes that we cannot control in the moment.  Being focussed allows us to stay in the present moment and stay on course with the task at hand.


Substitute being “Careful” with being “Aware”

When someone is given the advice to be careful they automatically assume that something bad is going to happen, which will result in them acting very cautious, hesitant or defensive in their performance.  On the other hand when given the advice to be aware of something we don’t view it as so much of a threat, only a small possibility that something could happen.  Making this substitution will lead to being more offensive in the athletes overall performance and focussing on their own personal strengths rather than their opponents.


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