What Are Mental Muscles?


A common misconception we often hear is that people are either mentally tough or they aren’t.  With the assistance of today’s evolving technology, science, research and our proven systematic approach to training the brain we can help anyone improve no matter where their current state is.


Think of the brain similar to the body when designing a strength training routine. Typically a strength coach or personal trainer would administer some form of a fitness assessment to obtain baseline data which is used to determine the individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses for particular muscle groups, endurance, flexibility etc.  We start with a very similar approach of conducting an initial assessment, which includes a series of questions in our mindset checklist to determine the individual’s specific mental strengths and weaknesses.


The mindset checklist evaluates the following mental muscles: Goal Setting, Self Knowledge, Mental Toughness, Motivation, Present Moment, Relaxing Under Pressure, Clarity, Confidence Aggressiveness, Sleep Patterns, Bouncing Back From Injuries, Team Building and Leadership.


After analyzing the data one of our certified mindset coaches will be able to individualize a mindset training program designed to enhance the individual’s specific strengths and improve their weaknesses in sports, academics and life.


Now is a great time for coaches to obtain a copy of our mindset checklist to begin analyzing your team to better prepare for designing this upcoming season’s practice plans.


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